Our vision is to be a leading player in the European and Asian Electronic industry by taking a ‘Customer First’ approach to safety, quality and environment and ensuring we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, partners and communities. This gives our company and employees direction. To achieve the vision, formal planning, target-setting process and governance structure makes us responsive when faced with major issues.


The Integrity of an organisation is the pillar of long-term success and its foundation lies in its people. It is the sum total of individual traits of honesty, dedication and responsibility as professionals and co-workers in a common enterprise of creating value and bringing positive contributions towards a better world.By 2020 BS will be the Global World-Class Electronics System House in Electronic Industry and will deliver innovative electronic solutions that exceed customer expectations and constantly create value for our stakeholders.


Pursuit of Innovation


The pursuit of innovation in BS Electronics stems from its vision to be a global business, enabled by world-class solution offerings and with innovation as its competitive strength. The company believes that innovation comes from all sources including its staff, and occurs at every step in the business process. Thus BSElectronics has placed emphasis in ensuring ample avenues to harvest ideas from its staff.


BS Electronics believes that all its activities and innovations must be performed in a manner that promotes safety and protects the health and well being of all stakeholders, the environment and natural resources.


Partnership in Innovations
An important aspect of innovation is the network of collaboration partners that BS Electronics constantly fosters. The recipe to successful collaboration is to leverage each other's strength, capabilities, ideas, insights, resources, technology and market access that mutually benefits all parties.